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Pre/Play school in Gurgaon

Pre/Play school in Gurgaon

Preschool in gurgaon

Are you the one who is looking for best preschool in Gurgaon? With Montessori approach and play-way methodology, Leens Nestling is the best choice for the formative years of your little one.

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Welcome to Leens Nestling Preschool

At Leens Nestling our methodology involves conceptualized learning supported by Play-Way Methodology, Montessori Approach and Experiential Learning or Learning by Doing.

We aim to provide safe and secure place for your little ones enabling them to have quality education thereby igniting their creative minds, curiosities and build a thinking process of their own.

Best Preschool in Gurgaon

Are you looking for the best playschool in Gurgaon to ensure the finest education for your child? Our curriculum involves activities including circle time, art and craft activities, dance, music, imaginative play, constructive modeling, simple science, free play, garden play, stories and puppet shows, speech & drama, yoga, physical development and Montessori throughout the year maintaining seamless learning process. Along with mental and physical education, we focus on imbibing traditional, cultural and moral, etiquette and emotional intelligence to the preschoolers.

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preschool in gurgaon

Kids Activities At Our Preschool


Our Enrichment Programs

We providing environment to your little ones which can help them observe, learn, interact because, each kid is special and learns and grows in their own pace.

  1. Believes in creating an environment for the child to enable them to think, observe and develop a way of thinking for their own
  2. Provides a safe, active and a healthy environment for the children
  3. Provides a warm and friendly approach
  4. Stimulates their learning, encourage curiosity and use of five senses
  5. Ensures that the child’s physical, emotional and social needs are catered with love and care and the child’s milestones transition smoothly

Admission Open 2023-24

    What the parents say

    As a parent, I am really happy with Leens nestling school. It’s been a wonderful journey with them. Each and every teacher is superb and Didi staff is too very cooperative. ThetTeachers took care of my Daughter at best.
    Ms.Leena Thukral, thank you for making this school a real school for education, not a profit-making company.
    We would like to thank the entire team of Leens nestling for the support and love they have showered on Meera. It was an amazing two-year journey and we can see a phenomenal change in her. A big shout out to the teachers as they have made this challenging last year smooth and fun-filled with their efforts in online sessions. In the end, all I can say is that as a parent I couldn’t ask for more.
    Bhinee Sachdev

    FAQs on Playschools in Gurgaon

    Leens Nestling playschool is one of the best playschools in Gurgaon. It is among the Top 10 Playschools/ Preschools in Gurgaon. With the best fun activities and learning techniques, it is an ideal place for your little ones to develop.

    Yes, playschools do require registration. You can easily get registered with Leens Nestling
    Playschool in Gurgaon . You just have to get in touch with us through call or mail or you can also visit the
    school yourself and we will take care of the rest of the process.

    Nurseries admit kids of 3-5years of age while playschools admit children who are too young to go to nurseries or preschools. AR Leens Nestling play school we have programs designed for age groups from 18 months to 5 years. Play Schools play a very vital role in a kid’s life by grooming him/her for further education. Leens Nestling perform this grooming in a fun-loving and Play-way

    Leens Nestling Preschool & Playschool is one of the best playschools in Gurgaon. We provide everything that can enhance your child’s skills in the best possible manner. Being a leading preschool in Gurgaon, we strive to offer the top-level care and curriculum for your child in a way that makes it an enjoyable experience for them. Unlike other preschools, our school is led by fully qualified mother teachers who pay personal attention to every kid. Whether it is about surroundings, safety, qualification, extra co-curricular activities, or enhancing personal and social skills, Leens Nestling PreSchool ensures your child will get to achieve the best.

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