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Parents Information

Parents Information

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Initially for the first few weeks the child is called to school only for an hour. This schedule continues till the child is ready for a full day in school. Slowly the time is increased. The entire process is different for each child as each child responds in a different way to the school environment.

The child needs to bring along a small bag. The bag should contain a lunch box, a water bottle, one extra set of clothes and two diapers in case the child is on diapers. All the belongings – bag/bottle/lunch-box/clothes/footwear should be neatly labelled with the child’s name to avoid any confusion.

The play school starts at 9:00 am. The walker kids must be escorted by the parents till the school gate and handed over to the ushers present inside the gate.

The dispersal for walker kids starts at 12:30 am. The parents are requested to reach promptly and wait patiently for their turn. In case of an emergency the parents can inform the school desk for early pick up.

If a person other than the parents or the designated guardian is picking up your child, inform the desk by sending an email along with the persons details and permitting the school to release your child. Do not forget to inform your child about who is collecting them.

If a transport kid is being picked up by a parent or designated guardian from school the above mentioned rules apply. The school desk must be informed beforehand so the child can be held back from boarding the bus.

The parents, designated guardian and maids at the bus stop must carry the I-card at all times in case the staff ,releasing the kids ,need s to verify their particulars. Under no circumstances will the child be handed over to any other person without prior information. In such a scenario the child will be brought back to the school and parents will be notified.

The diary has been introduced for the school staff to communicate effectively. Every Thursday the diary will be kept back in the school for the class teacher to write her observations and attach circulars/notices. Please acknowledge receipt of these and counter sign all other communication as well.

In case you want to communicate with the teacher you can write a note in the child’s diary or send a letter or else you can call up the school board number 0124-4006179 and leave a message for the teacher. In case you need to speak to teacher personally over the phone then you can call the board number between 1:00 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. Email is another channel of communication. You can write to us at To keep the parents updated about the happenings in school we send out an email update daily on the registered email id’s of the parents. In case you don’t receive the emails daily kindly get in touch with the school to register your email id.

Before the arrival of a students birthday the respective class teacher contacts the parent regarding the birthday party. If parents are willing to celebrate they can bring a birthday cake and toffees/chocolates for distribution in the class. Decoration/Return gifts are optional. The snack time is assigned for the birthday celebration. Parents are requested to arrive 5 minutes before the snack time. Pre-order items such as cake, sweets, plastic cups, spoons, ets to avoid delays. Parents are requested to speak to the class teacher for any further clarifications.

Toddlers – The fee has to be paid monthly for the toddlers. The fee for each month has to be paid between 1st and 10th of the month.

Pre Nursery/ Nursery – The fee has to be paid quarterly, for pre-nursery onwards. The fee for each quarter has to be paid between 1st and 10th of the fee paying month. The fee paying months are April, July, October and January. The Fee can be paid in Cash /Cheque. All the cheques should be drawn in favour of ‘Saraswati Vandana Educational Society’. Please ensure that you mention the child’s full name along with the months and the fee break-up clearly behind the cheque.

The fee has to be paid for all the months after joining irrespective of vacations/ holidays/ absenteeism. In case of late submission a penalty on the fee will be imposed.

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