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Activities at Leens

Activities at Leens

Leens Nestling believes in exposing a child to an assortment of programs and activities in a day to keep their minds stimulated, for all round development of mind, body and soul. These programs effect in playful learning and a cheerful environment for the child to grow.

1. Special Assemblies

The Leens Nestling Special Assemblies are one of its kind in the whole world. Everyday a topic or story is chosen to be enacted by the Leens Nestling team. The skits and plays transform the kid’s world into a fairytale, Underworld Ocean, solar system, a beautiful garden or a jungle. These skits and plays help to fix a child’s attention to a particular topic without the harmful effects of a television or computer screen. The skits also encourage children’s participation thereby providing them the much needed exposure for public speaking and polishing their oratory skills.

2. Story Sessions:

Stories and childhood are an inseparable pair. Kids cherish stories be it mealtime, bedtime, travel or just like that. Stories hide in them messages, morals, lessons, knowledge, imagination which together amalgamates into loads of fun. Lens Nestling story sessions are designed to stimulate the young mind and ignite their imagination.

3. Yoga Class and sports:

A healthy mind needs a healthy body. The practice of the ancient artform of yoga teaches kids to control their minds and be the boss of their bodies. Yoga help the kids learn to balance and use their energies more effectively. On the other hand physical activity stimulates growth and leads to improved physical and emotional health. And because exercise improves health, a fit child is more likely to be well-rested and mentally sharp. Even moderate physical activity has been shown to improve a child’s skill at arithmetic, reading, and memorization.

4.Music & Dance

Music and dance are an essential part of early childhood. Apart from entertainment they benefit a child’s development in many ways. Here are skills that music and movement can help develop: 1. participating in a group 2. Social skills 3. Express emotions 4. Enhance self‐concept by sharing music and dance of each other’s culture 5. Refine listening skills‐noticing changes in tempo or pitch 6. Awareness of movement and body positions 7. Creativity and imagination 8. Learn new words and concepts 9. Explore cause and effect 10. Develop large motor skills 11. Improve balance, coordination, and rhythm through dance and movement activities 12. Improve small motor skills‐learning finger plays and playing musical instruments.


Many people today are better equipped than ever before to deal with life’s challenges and difficulties. We live longer, enjoy more leisure time, and have access to the world’s knowledge at the touch of a button.

But children are spending less time playing physically, mixing with different generations, creating imaginary games, and interacting with parents. Many are becoming socially isolated because their leisure time is spent in front of a computer or television. They are losing the ability to empathize, to communicate and to read emotional language. Here at Leens Nestling we introduce games that were a common part of the older generations. When the Tablets and -iphones were absent the imagination was full on and it gave rise to hundreds of games involving the neighborhood kids. Games such as Oranges & lemon, Ice & water, catch the thief, musical chairs, ludo, carom,etc are a daily part of a child’s life at Leens Nestling. These games help the children develop their social skills, physical development, problem solving skills and also fills their childhood with love, laughter and millions of memories. The games are women into the curriculum in such a way so as to make learning more fun.

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